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Dolls, tea, and rats. OH MY!

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a series of unfortunate events, abney park, accordion, adventure time, airships, alice in wonderland, anime, aph, axis powers hetalia, ayria, bacon, ball jointed dolls, batman, bbc america, bella morte, belly dancing, bento, bjd, bjd collecting, bjds, black butler, bones, bustles, card games, cats, chai, chain mail, chainmail, chainmaille, chemistry, cherie priest, coffee, collecting, comic books, comics, cooking, cooking shows, corsets, costuming, d, dalek, dancing, doctor who, dolls, dorks, double bass, dragon con, dragoncon, drawing, ego likeness, fancy rats, filk, fishnets, frenchy and the punk, futurama, gackt, geeks, gir, gorillaz, goth, gothic, guitar, h. p. lovecraft, hamlet, harry potter, hellblinki, hetalia, horrorpops, invader zim, iron chef, iron maiden, japan, japanese, japanese food, johnnen vasquez, jules verne, kurshitsuji, lapfox, lenore, loki, maille, malice mizer, manga, masks, mayhem, mc frontalot, mice, mirrormask, music, mythology, myths, neil gaiman, nerds, oddities, pirates, plushies, pokemon, pugs, quidditch, rats, rhps, rocky horror, rocky horror picture show, roman dirge, sci-fi, sci-fi conventions, science, sewing, shakespeare, sherlock holmes, siouxsie, siouxsie and the banshees, skrillex, skulls, spats, spider-man, squee, steam punk, steampunk, stolen babies, stompy boots, super heroes, superheroes, sushi, tardis, taxidermy, tea, the birthday massacre, the cruxshadows, the extraordinary contraptions, the hellblinki sextet, the last dance, thor, video games, violin, voltaire, waffles, writing, zombies
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